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請回答以下三個小問題,讓 Miss Jamie 認識你和你的小朋友!

1. 請問小朋友今年幾歲?

2. 小朋友的音樂程度

3. 理想的學習模式(可選多項)


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Slimming Latin Dance Beginner Class

What shall we do after work ? Listening to good music ? Meeting with friends ? Dressing up to go out ? You can  now combine all of these with our slimming latin beginner class. If you think about trying something new to do in a chill and fun way - this is the perfect time to start learning dance! You’ll discover what millions around the globe already have - dancing is great for the body, great for the mind, and it truly is medicine for your soul. Come and try it out !

Level: absolute beginner / 0 dancing experience

Class: Thursday Evening

Tuition fee: $150/1 $600/5

We look forward to seeing you!

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Tel: 3162 0037