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請回答以下三個小問題,讓 Miss Jamie 認識你和你的小朋友!

1. 請問小朋友今年幾歲?

2. 小朋友的音樂程度

3. 理想的學習模式(可選多項)


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Wedding Dance

Apart from Latin dance classes, Danzstage is also offering bespoke dance choreographies for wedding parties . Our dance choreographer, Georgette , is an experienced instructor for creating choreographies for wedding couples. Some of her students even performed in various parts over the world.

Do share the most romantic and unforgettable memory with your soulmate!

The first dance with your spouse at your big day is going to be the start of your life together ! It is the first step of how well you can cope with each other and show the true relations together in a romantic way. It is important and can be so memorable and gives a great gesture to your guests.

Danzstage offers personalised choreography for wedding couples. We make sure each dance to be unique according to different characters that all couples can present it proudly on the dance floor.

Our wedding dance choreography strives to bring that smile out on any occasion, from birthdays , anniversaries, to simple romantic nights. Make that next wedding / birthday memory special with attending our wedding dance classes at Danzstage!

Create more happy memories with your soulmate NOW!

Are you looking for activities after work or on public holidays ? How about taking fun dance lessons ? It can be with your partner or with friends.

Danzstage offers COUPLE DANCE and BIRTHDAY DANCE lessons !!!!
Social dancing is a great way to stay close with friends and families. You can also create interaction with each others. Actually its great to let dancing becomes one of your favorite hobbies and enlarge your social activities in a most enjoyable way.

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