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請回答以下三個小問題,讓 Miss Jamie 認識你和你的小朋友!

1. 請問小朋友今年幾歲?

2. 小朋友的音樂程度

3. 理想的學習模式(可選多項)


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Danzstage has a superb roster of fun and enthusiastic professional dance coaches and instructors.
Each dance teacher has his/her specialty. Furthermore, many are multi-talented and can teach more than one dance. Why not click below and take a look through the profiles and get to know your teachers.

Georgette Heng
Danzstage Founder & Teacher
Simone Vialardi
Italian Ballroom teacher
Maria Shibalova
Russian Latin dance teacher
Mac and Vesta
HK Ballroom dance teachers
Mike Wang
Ballet, Ballroom and Latin dance teacher
2001-2002 20/f, 148 Electric Road, Tin Hau, Hong Kong
Tel: 3162 0037