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請回答以下三個小問題,讓 Miss Jamie 認識你和你的小朋友!

1. 請問小朋友今年幾歲?

2. 小朋友的音樂程度

3. 理想的學習模式(可選多項)


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Our Story


Founder – Georgette Heng

Having been exposed to the artistry and beauty of dancing at the tender age of five, it was truly love at first sight for Georgette.  As a young girl, Georgette always enjoyed dancing and watching other talented dancers take to the floor to perform.  Her love and admiration for dance has always been dear to her and is expressed by her intense appetite and enthusiasm for dance.

Having taken up Latin and Argentine Tango, Georgette has come to appreciate the beauty and elegance of these forms of dance, and has been performing around the Globe ever since. Dedicating herself to becoming a better and more attractive dancer, Georgette has truly found her “calling” and can now enjoy her passion for dancing every day. It is with this great love of dance that Georgette invites you, your friends and dancers of all backgrounds to come and experience the amazing world of DanzStage.

Have you ever encountered a small voice whispering into your ear telling you to just do what you really want to? In fact, many of us have our own passions outside of work. Not everyone manages to follow their heart’s true desire. Meet Georgette, the former private banker, whose love for latin dance called out to her. In 2009 Georgette set up her own dance studio, Danzstage , in Tin Hau.

Developed into a professional studio

13 years later, the allure of dance never stopped captivating her. She has danced her way to countless unforgettable experiences. Furthermore, she is also working with well established designers to make exquisite and elegant dance dresses.

With its unique theatrical decorations, Danzstage sets a welcoming stage for dance, epitomising the exciting and glamorous world of ballroom dance. It has therefore caught the eye of many event and workshop organizers to utilize this venue.

Feel like dancing, feel like Danzstage. Why not indulge yourself in the rhythm of the music.

2001-2002 20/f, 148 Electric Road, Tin Hau, Hong Kong
Tel: 3162 0037